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My favorite thing to do with the ham bone, usually after an easter or christmas dinner, is to make this comforting Split Pea and Ham soup. I like my split pea soup to have good chunks of leftover ham and plenty of carrots so while I do blend this soup to get that wonderful consistency I also reserve lots of ham and carrots to add back into the stew before serving.
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Deviled Eggs – the perfect Easter snack. And no peel? Sign me up! The Easter Bunny isn’t the only one with a few tricks in his basket, this recipe removes all the hard boiling and peeling out of the process, and hops in some Easter fun. These devilishly delicious Easter daisies can make an entertaining Easter afternoon project for the little ones too! Not only do these eggs taste amazing but they just so darn cute to look at! Win hearts (and stomachs) over with these savoury and delicious deviled eggs.
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