#RaglanRoadTrip – Day One – 2015 Raglan Road MasterChef Competition Trip

Leaving Orlando, Arriving in Dublin

It was early evening and I had just been dropped off at the airport. As I walked towards the Aer Lingus check-in looking around for anyone I might recognize I was flagged down by Rachelle Lucas from The Travel Bite. She recognized me and gave me a friendly and warm welcome which provided me a wonderful first impression of the adventure I was about to embark on. As we stood in the check-in line chatting about food and travel the other members of our group arrived and suddenly it all finally felt real! I was going to Ireland!!

Breakfast at Herbstreet

After a smooth 8 hour flight from Orlando to Dublin we were all famished and with the 5 hour time shift it was already morning when we landed. We were greeted by our hostess for the trip, Aileen and our transportation and after getting our bags we headed to breakfast at Herbstreet.

Herbstreet was located in the heart of Dublins technology district where many of the worlds Silicon Valley companies have large international offices. It was quite fun seeing all the new glass buildings mixed in amongst a few older holdovers. The area was bustling with activity and all i wanted to do was explore but breakfast was waiting.

Touring the Guinness Storehouse

A cabbies quick tour of Dublin

Bewely's Hotel: Ballsbridge, our home for the night.

A Meal to Remember: Dinner at L'Ecrivain

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