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How To Make Your Own Website or Blog

If you want to start your own blog or website this page will help you to get started. I’ve included detailed instructions on how to make your own site based on how I created my own. Every tool I’ve used to build this website is documented so you can build one too on your own.

Let's get started!

You need a few key pieces to get started making your own blog/website.

  1. Website Hosting – Your website has to live somewhere
  2. Domain Name – This is how people will find your site
  3. WordPress Template – I’m going to show you how to use wordpress to make your own blog/website.

Website Hosting

After researching web hosting companies and looking at reviews online I signed up for my hosting account with Siteground.

In the past i’ve had problems with support and speed on hosting platforms and Siteground solves both of those and then some! increased in speed over 200% when I moved to their servers and their support is by far the fastest and best I have EVER encountered from a hosting company. Right out of the gate I was getting close to 3 second load times and for a website with a lot of images that is great!

Pingdom Speed Test

Bar none this is the best place for your website!

They even allow me to give you a FREE domain registration (you’ll need that in the next step) when you sign up for your own account! With plans starting at just $3.95/mth that include those fast servers, awesome support and premium services like daily backups it’s a no brainer. The rest of this tutorial will be based on their system so if you’d like to follow along purchase your account before moving on to the next step.

No need to enter a promo code for your FREE domain registration, just click this link to get started.

Sign Up For Your Account

To create your Siteground hosting account, go to and then scroll down to view the plan options.


Choose The Plan That Fits You Best

If you’ll only be operating this one website then the StartUp plan is the best value for you. Plus if you do decide you want to add another site on later down the road you can upgrade your account whenever you need to. If you already have plans to host more than one website then I suggest the GrowBig account as the best place to start.


Register Your Domain Name

Now its time to get that ever important domain name. At this step you’ll look up what you’d like for a domain name and see if it is available. I suggest sticking with a .com if at all possible and try to remember that someone may have to remember this name so be sure its simple enough to remember.



You have lots of options for how you’d like to pay for your service but for the best value I suggest purchasing your first year up front. At $3.95/mth its a minimal investment for your new website.


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