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In a world of so many wonderful sources of recipes and information I wanted a place to have some of my own serious conversations about food, lifestyle and health. I wanted a place that I could share not only my recipes and my photography but my views and observations about food and health and perhaps be an inspiration for others to pay more attention to what they are feeding themselves and their families. I also wanted a place to document my own weight loss and quest to better health to help motivate and inspire me to keep moving forward.

This site will not focus only on one topic of conversation. The topic is food, everything food and most importantly how it relates to our daily lives. This isn’t a diet website, its not just a cooking website, it’s not a health website, it’s a food website. Everything and anything food! We’ll be talking about its importance to our children and how we can do a better job providing a healthy future for them. I will be talking about some of my observations about the issues and challenges we have as a society and what I believe each of us can do to help make things better.  I have a lot to say and not everyone will like it but I can promise that it will be true and honest and with the best of intensions. I see too much of what has brought me to where I am all around me and I want to speak up and share what i’ve learned along the way.

Let’s get cooking!


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