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My favorite thing to do with the ham bone, usually after an easter or christmas dinner, is to make this comforting Split Pea and Ham soup. I like my split pea soup to have good chunks of leftover ham and plenty of carrots so while I do blend this soup to get that wonderful consistency I also reserve lots of ham [...]
Part One – What is “Real Food” This 6 part series will discuss the issues I hear from my social groups surrounding “real food.” Everything from cost, availability and taste to time, organics and cooking, and hopefully you’ll leave with insight from real people on how to integrate real food into your daily life. [...]
Deviled Eggs – the perfect Easter snack. And no peel? Sign me up! The Easter Bunny isn’t the only one with a few tricks in his basket, this recipe removes all the hard boiling and peeling out of the process, and hops in some Easter fun. These devilishly delicious Easter daisies can make an entertaining Easter [...]
Oh how I love a good Irish Bangers and Mash! This playful spin on the original dish has transformed all those wonderful flavors of the emerald isle into a hearty irish stew. The roasted vegetables bring out so much wonderful depth while the Guinness makes it undoubtably Irish. Don't forget to cook up a loaf of
This recipe is a slight modification of the original from famous Irish chef Kevin Dundon! I originally had this wonderful soup at Raglan Road at Disney Springs and as it is my daughters favorite i've tried to recreate it as faithfully as possible to what I have had personally at the restaurant.
Soda bread can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. While I was in Ireland I was able to sample many versions of this delicious bread and by the time the trip was over I knew what I loved most about an Irish Brown Soda Bread and what I wanted to create. While my version is not wholly tradition, I feel that it [...]
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