Mediterranean Orzo with Artichoke and Pine Nuts

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June 2, 2015

Mmmmmmm.... Orzo salad. I love the bright flavor of this salad brought out by the lemon juice, and the fresh herbs are so nice but the toasted pine nuts are what really bring it home for me. Bright AND nutty is a win-win! This recipe is made with good whole ingredients and a lot of love.

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 8 Servings


For the Salad

1 1/2 cups Orzo

3 tbsp Pine Nuts

14 oz. Artichoke Hearts

2 cups Baby Spinach

1 tsp Garlic, finely minced

1 cup Feta Cheese

For the Dressing

1/4 cup Olive Oil

3 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

2 tbsp Lemon Juice

3/4 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

2 tsp Fresh Oregano, finely chopped

1 tbsp Fresh Parsley, finely chopped


For the Salad

1Place a pot with about 3 cups of water on a burner, add a pinch of salt and bring to a boil.

2Cook the Orzo until al dente.

3Drain in a mesh strainer, do not rinse.

4While orzo cooks, lightly toast pine nuts in a dry small skillet over moderate heat until they start to brown, about 2 minutes.

5Remove from heat and cool 1 minute, then coarsely chop.

6Add a touch of olive oil, chopped garlic and the baby spinach to the pan.

7Cook the garlic and spinach over medium heat until it begins to wilt and is cooked through. 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.

8Drain artichoke hearts in a mesh strainer and rinse well.

9Pull off leaves from bases of hearts and quarter bases.

10Rinse leaves and bases well, then drain thoroughly.

11Add orzo, pine nuts, artichokes, baby spinach and feta to a large mixing bowl.

For the Dressing

1Stir together olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper in a large bowl.

2Add dressing to the salad.

3Add the fresh chopped herbs

4Stir to combine.

5Garnish and Serve


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