Plugin Review: Justified Image Grid

A lot of times as you are building a new website you will run across unplanned problems that you need solutions to. I just love all the tools I have access to at Envato! In this case I was making a page that was reviewing my trip to Ireland and I have a whole lot of photos I wanted to share on the page. Photo galleries in wordpress have gotten easier and better over the years but I still don’t like how the wordpress galleries look on the page and their functions are limited.

Some of the features I wanted for my photo galleries were:

  • Show the full image without much or any cropping
  • Display the title and caption with an overlay that still let you view the photo
  • Use a lightbox to display the larger version of the image
  • Integrate social sharing options
  • Create gallery directly on the page for easy editing later on (very important)
  • Work on mobile browsers and within my responsive design

I found a few that i liked before stumbling upon Justified Image Grid on CodeCanyon but each of them had one or two things from my list missing. My other favorite Mikado made a beautiful layout and I loved that it was a perfect block but I had to create the image block in the plugin and then insert a shortcode to use it in the post. I figure in a couple of years I could have hundreds upon hundreds of galleries and I didn’t want to have to be searching through pages of galleries to find the one I needed to modify so having the galleries directly on the page was a big must for me.

In the end the Justified Image Gallery met all my requirements and many many more. It’s a great plugin that helped me speed up my workflow and gave me gorgeous looking galleries directly in my articles. Just look at the example below!

If you want to add the Justified Image Gallery to your website just click this link to purchase and download it.

For this and many other wonderful assets for your blog or website there is nothing quite like the Envato network of websites. From wordpress themes to awesome plug-ins, stock photography, design assets, audio files and so much more, you need an account with Envato!

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